Friday, May 04, 2007

Sakura of America Artist Meet Up

Last night, I went to the meet up sponsored by Sakura of America, the American headquarters of Micron Pigma pens and other products. Peter Ouyang and Julia Reed from Sakura presented their ideas about the emerging manga-anime artists and why they were interested in developing the new market now. Several local Bay Area manga artists showed up from Bay Area Arists Unite (BAAU), along with Ben Seto of Black Sheep Comics and PMBQ, who does the Tea Club.

It was an interesting pitch on Sakura’s desire to help create the marketplace with the assistance of local manga artists. The other part was for the artists/creators to meet other people. My work is not obviously manga influenced and I do watercolors for my comics. Everyone else I met there uses Photoshop and/or pens and markers.

It was nice meeting other artists, not busy drawing or selling. I’ll have to see how the next meet up goes.


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Do you have a link to the product?

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