Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday comic promos!

Webcomic: What’s Cooking?

To see the rest of the recipe, you’ll need to order Webcomic: What’s Cooking? From the site:

90 plus pages of fun webcomics and great recipes! Enjoy desirable entrées with your favorite webcomic characters! Great fun and for a worthy cause too. Proceeds of the cookbook are going to the Food Banks of the USA and Canada.

The cookbook features recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Appetizers, Dinner, Desserts and Beverages. All of these hosted by popular webcomics you know and love.

It’s organized by Kurt Sasso and preorders for the book opened

Stargazer Volume 1
Von Allen of and creator of the road to god knows… has his next graphic novel listed in the current Previews for preorder this week. It’s got a Spotlight On feature on it even! The descriptive blurb reads:

A mysterious object transports three young friends to a strange land under unfamiliar stars. The young friends try to find their way home, but meet some unlikely allies along the way. Will the magical world hange the girls or will they end up changing it instead? Recommended for fantasy fans of books such as Akiko, Amulet and Bone.

Place an order today with your local comic shop, using code NOV101057. More info here.