Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Manga, Art & Graphic Novel Expo

The Manga, Art & Graphic Novel Expo last Saturday was a lot more relaxed than APE; probably because I had everything accounted for already. No poster raffle for the mailing lists or candy to lure people to the table. It was a much smaller venue (maybe 250 people) and mostly tweens/teens there. A few teenagers said that they saw me and a couple of the other guest artists already at APE.

I gave away a lot of postcards with my folio and comic website urls on them. For my workshop, I showed how to make my single sheet comic. The most interesting thing about the Expo is that it’s put on by the City of Fremont and not a by a privately run non-profit group.

Here's a photo of me at the table:

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Brian said...

Looks like fun. I did it last year at a friends table. A very cool audience to work with.