Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sketchcrawl 18 is on March 29th

A bit late, but here are my drawings from January's 17th Sketchcrawl. The next is one March 29th, so mark it on your calendars!

Some quick BART passengers.

Kids on the monkey in Portsmouth Square Park.

Spofford alley, where you can hear the clicking and clacking of mah jong tiles echoing.

Iconic lamps strung between buildings and on street corners.


Brian said...

Nice work Karen. I really like the BART faces?

Are you at Wondercon this year?

Karen Luk said...
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Karen Luk said...

I'll be at Wondercon, roaming the floor. :)

Brian said...

Cool. Looking forward to seeing you.

Danny said...

Hey! how was that comic workshop? I miss heard you, you said "Berkley" and my brain heard "Stanford"... so I was caught by surprise when I realized how far away it was and I ended up not going.

I hope you had fun!

Karen Luk said...


The comics workshop was pretty laid back with me and friend doing some costumed modeling and most of us chatted about comics while there. Shaenon Garrity gave a talk about her experience being a manga editor at Viz Media and her web comics.

They're plotting another on for May. I'll keep you posted!

Nurse Mia said...

Nice drawings from the last SketchCrawl! Hey, do you know where the next one is going to meet and at what time? I know it's a week from Saturday.

Karen Luk said...


The SF SketchCrawl group is going to meet up at Ghirardelli Square at 11 am, near the fountain in front of Sharper Image.