Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In the Water, page 1

Here's the first of six pages of In the Water, sans dialogue.


Brian said...

Nice painting Karen. I love your watercolor work a lot.

Karen said...

Thanks for the kind words! If it didn't take so long to paint, I'd probably produce more comics.

Brian said...

I usually work pretty fast with my watercolors, I think it gives it a bit more energy and life.

If you are worried about painting on the originals you could look to xerox the drawing onto watercolor paper.

Are you going to paint during the sketch crawl?

Karen said...

I'm accustomed to building up my watercolors. I do color comps before committing to the final page. I am working on being more spontaneous - the gesture work has been helping me loosen up a lot.

I may or may not paint during the sketchcrawl. It's tricky balancing art supplies, looking, and then drawing!