Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sketchcrawl 11 in Sausalito

Over 80 people participated in the San Francisco to Sausalito Sketchcrawl! I think it was the biggest one yet.

I drew people on BART, en route to the Ferry Building.

A musician on the docks and a couple people on the windy ferry to Sausalito were good warm ups too.

There were two elephant pillars at the Plaza ViƱa del Mar on Bridgeway in Sausalito.

My small group stopped at Lappert's Ice Cream for lunch.

On Bridgeway, this all wooden bus stop intrigued me by the shape of it.

Late afternoon, everyone gathered at Dunphy Park before heading back to the ferry. The small, pebbled shore had this interesting piece of driftwood or fallen rotting tree (hard to tell).


Gerald said...

I really dig that wooden bus stop. Good job. Thanks for the kudos on the forum. I've been experimenting with a brush pen from the Japan Town Stationary store.

Your blog is great. I like that you're experimenting yourself, especially with the cross hatching. Keep it up :)

Karen said...

You're welcome! I really like the sumi brush pen. Did you get one of the water brush pens? It makes ink washes much easier. It's tough juggling the watercolors on the go!

Thanks for checking out my blog. I do like seeing your work on your blog too. :)

Brian said...

Nice work Karen. I didn't make it again to the crawl.

When are you going to do a painting of the sea creature you were designing a while back.

Karen said...


The next sketchcrawl is December 9th, so save the day!

I'm working on In the Water short, which features the creature (who still has no name). I'll posting some color roughs soon, as I'm almost done painting three pages now.