Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sketchcrawl Santa Cruz

There was a break in the rain a couple weeks back and I was in Santa Cruz for a little Friday sketchcrawl.
The 20th annual Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival took place March 24-26. Here's some of the kayaks they were raffling or selling.

A parked Subaru near the festival sans corporate tagging.

The Walton Lighthouse around the bay from the Boardwalk. It's a green occulting light. The 5 mph presumably is for boats as people can run faster than that.

Of course, I had to draw some surfers! A couple of guys were skim surfing on Live Oak Beach. The other board surfers were bobbing up and down with the waves and all I got were little drawings of them.

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Emma said...

The gestures are by far my favorites. The color ones are gorgeous, but the gestures (the middle top one especially) are really kinetic, just all motion-ful.

^ look, I made up a word!